Setting The Stage For The Year To Come “The body appears to be largely self-motivated and independent, yet it actually responds only to the intentions of the mind.”—A Course in Miracles


In all of the years of setting New Year’s resolutions, I remember this one the most.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but it was the first intention I ever truly set.

While at the beach with some friends one New Year’s Eve, we shared our resolutions for the coming year. It didn’t take much that year to come up with this.  “I plan to do less of what I don’t want to do and more of what I do”.  There was much more to this than I let on at the table that night so on our way home I shared my “resolution”  with my fiancé.

“I want to get married, just the two of us, in Taos (our honey moon destination), and have a big celebration after.” I said, holding my breath. Wedding planning was just not my thing.  To my relief, he loved the idea so I started planning our elopement instead.  Ok, it wasn’t really an elopement as everyone knew we were getting married.  We planned a private ceremony sans everyone but the two of us.

When we returned home from our New Year’s trip I made a list of everything I would need to arrange and in one phone call to the Taos Chamber of Commerce I hung up with the information I needed to plan the entire ceremony, including a cake, photographer and flowers . All in thirty minutes!

Our “elopement” was amazing, with the focus on us and our marriage, just as I wanted it to be. We had an unforgettable celebration a few months later.   I have not had a second thought about our choice to this day…almost 17 years later!

How To Set An Intention:

~Trust in your inner guidance system

(I will do more of what I want to do and less of what I don't) 

Meditate, center, find some stillness. Set a timer for 3 minutes.   Write down a list of possible intentions, whatever comes to mind, without censoring it, adding to it or changing it. Get it all out, even the ones that don’t make sense.  What does your heart desire?

~State a clear intention

(I will rearrange wedding plans and plan an elopement)

Choose the one you are most intuitively drawn to. The one with the most zing. Not necessarily the one you should.  Laser focus.  Get it crystal clear.

~Support the intention with action steps

Create clear action steps. How will you honor your intention? Put them on your calendar.

*(Call Taos Chamber of Commerce)

*(Arrange for a cake, photographer, flowers, B & B, minister, witness, marriage license)

*(Book flight)

*(Change local wedding plans to party – Call venue, caterer, DJ)

Wishing you well.


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