Bring The Energy You'd Like To See

A Shift "Whatever you focus on expands."  - Pam Grout


Have you ever watched the energy shift as soon as someone walks into a room?  In my teaching days it became a daily practice to check my energy before walking in the door. It was a practice I had to cultivate.  If I happened to forget and bring my frenzied rush hour commute into the classroom, we were all doomed!


I am that powerful.

And so are you.

One year I had the good fortune of working with a child who taught me a clear lesson about energy.  This child would literally climb the door frame if I wasn’t watching. Once I turned around to find him standing on the window ledge of our 3rd story classroom!  His “I need help controlling my body” energy affected us all.  I was affected by his amped up energy that would in turn amp up the energy of the whole classroom.  It was a trying time to say the least.

Despite the difficulty of the year, I learned about energy. I learned that I could help this child and his classmates by changing MY energy, by changing MY thoughts.  I was better able to help him with his energy after I took care of my own.  It took practice (an ongoing practice) but it really served me, the children and ultimately my own family.

I'm still working on this...every day!

Wishing you well,


I recently led a book study of Pam Grout’s E2 Nine Do It Yourself Energy Experiments To Prove That Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.  The Alby Einstein Principle, Experiment #3, involves creating a divining rod of sorts with wire hangers and straws.  Then, experimenting by thinking different thoughts and casting your attention in different directions to see what happens to the rods.  We all tried it with little expectation and were astounded at our ability to move the rods with our thoughts.  It was such a powerful experiment that we ended up using it to center our energy before each of the next six gatherings.  Try it!

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