Ruby Slippers

The Way Back Home"You don’t need to be helped any longer. You’ve always had the power to go back to Kansas."  Glinda, the Good Witch  The Wizard Of Oz


For most of my adult life I searched for inner peace outside of myself. I looked for it in relationships, in education, in jobs, in books, in workshops, in exercise, in food, in alcohol, in this, in that, in the other thing.  Did I mention baked goods…???

I searched and searched for the magic bullet, the ruby slipper that would take me home to my essence, my joy, the happy life I so desired. Although I often felt like I was on the edge of greatness, my paradigms always managed to keep me stuck in my story, in my circumstances, in my regrets from the past and my fears about the future.

There was a shadow or two residing deep inside of me that held me back. That kept me from experiencing the peace, joy and happiness I sought.  There is an odd comfort in staying in the darkness.  We know it, it is familiar, we can relate to others because of it.  And, honestly, it may be an epic story.

My Highly Sensitive Child, my greatest teacher, taught me a lesson about staying in my story. That staying in my story kept my loved ones in the story as well.  He taught me that I really did have the Ruby Slippers I so desired.  All I needed to do was put them on.  Trust in the magic and I’d be on my way back home.

Life is not perfect, I am human. I am perfectly imperfect.  I sometimes lose track of my Ruby Slippers, think that I’ve lost them, but they are always there for me.  They always fit.

You have a pair too! Try them on.  They may feel a bit awkward at first, but I promise you will find your own way of wearing them.

Wishing you well.


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Photo Credit: sequined red slippers on dark tile© Vclements Dreamstime