Little Eyes, Ears and Hearts

Your life is a personal lesson. For everyone else it is a loud example.  Richelle E. Goodrich photo-1437913135140-944c1ee62782-640x427

Have you ever watched your children play or listened to their conversations?  Chances are you noticed a lot of yourself in those precious moments.  Sometimes our hearts swell with pride and other times, we are not so pleased with what we are unintentionally sharing with them.

We have an opportunity here, a gift. A gift that will last a lifetime. We can choose to model our best self for our children. We can choose to model the hero’s journey over the victim’s journey, the high road over the low road. We can choose to live authentic, empowered, balanced lives.  We have choice, always.

Our children are learning how to navigate through life by watching us. They are carefully tuned into us, their teachers, for direction. It is up to us to model what we’d most like to see.

It won’t be perfect, sometimes it will be frustrating as hell, we may not see it until they are in their thirties but by reaching deep within ourselves we are giving our children an immeasurable gift and the beginnings of a new legacy.

Little eyes, ears and hearts are always watching.  Let them see the best version of you.

Wishing you well.


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Photo Credit:  © Vladimirnikulin Hands Holding The Sun