Letting Go

photo-1429198739803-7db875882052 Many people spend their entire lives believing that they are controlled by outside forces.

  • That they are bound by worry.
  • That they are bound by resentment.
  • That they are bound by something that happened in childhood.

The Truth is that thoughts don't hold us, we hold thoughts.  We bind them to us like a cloak.  We wear our stories as if we ARE the story.  Often fearful of who we would be if we no longer carried them.

I held on tight to the story of my son's Grand Entrance for 7 years.  It was painful, scary and kept me stuck.  I could bring up all of the fearful, hopeless thoughts complete with rapid heart beat and sweaty palms in an instant.  The darkness finally became so unbearable that I gathered all the courage I had and I let it go.  I dropped it.  And, my life became easier.  In fact, my life is now better than I ever thought it could be.

The Truth is that we have complete control over our thoughts.  We have the power to choose which thoughts we will entertain.  We have the power to refuse to give into the story.  We have the power to return again and again to the mindset that we are free to think what we choose.

We have the power to change our thoughts about a story

  • that will in turn change our feelings
  • that will in turn change our actions
  • that will in turn change the results we experience in life

Today’s mantra:  I AM in control of my thoughts.


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Shine Brightly,


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Photo Credit:  © Somakram Dandelion Dreamstime