sunset-640x478 Do you remember when you were young?   When you used your imagination to try on possible futures?

Maybe you were belting out your favorite song to thousands of fans.

Maybe you were bouncing across the surface of the moon.

Maybe you were flying high above the fields watching the sunset.

There was a time when we let our imaginations run wild with possibility.  We stepped into different imaginary lives.  We lived inside those lives, testing them out, returning to the ones that felt right and discarding the ones that didn’t.

Over time, though, we were trained in a way of being called condition based thinking where we let our 5 senses and our circumstances determine what we can and cannot do in life.  We let our checkbook, our calendar, our families and our circumstances rule.

We looked to those conditions because we were trained to.  We were told to straighten up and stop day dreaming.  Learn these facts.  Eventually, our dreams were stunted, squashed, left as distant memories.

But, what if, just for a moment, you allowed yourself to explore possibility?  To dream.  To listen to that deepest part of you that has been vying for your attention through your longings and discontent?

What if it was not impossible?  What if age, sex, time, money, circumstances didn't matter?

What would you do?

What would you be?

What would you give?

What would you create?

What would you love?

The possibilities are endless...


Discover. Empower. Balance.

Wishing you well,


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