ABCs and Motherhood


We live in a noisy world.  We are blasted in every waking hour with messages, opinions and the demands of others.  And then there is parenting…

Just the other day I ordered groceries from the grocery store (I love the ease of ordering only what I need and having it delivered to my door – brilliant!).  An hour or so before my groceries were to be delivered, a young woman from the store called me 3 times within 30 minutes (I was on a coaching call).  Each time a little more agitated that I hadn’t called her back yet. 

We live in an age of immediate gratification.  We are expected to be available in a moment’s notice.  A text comes in and we’re expected to answer it immediately.  It can truly be exhausting if we allow ourselves to be continually seduced by the requests and messages of others.

This is why mental self-care is crucial for our health and well-being.  I love the acronym ABC – Always Be Connected (to your higher self).  It’s sort of like connecting to Wi-Fi. 

You will know you are connected when you experience the observer self.  The part of you that notices that you are having thoughts.  The part of you that notices your body and your surroundings.

Ask yourself:  AM I Connected?

Breathe into this moment

Connect with your higher self

Shine Brightly,


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Photo by: Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash