Back to Center


Here they come!  The holidays are just around the corner.  Are you ready to greet them joyfully or are you feeling overwhelmed at the thought of what is to come?

  • Guests.
  • Travel.
  • Elaborate meals.
  • Gift buying.
  • Gatherings.
  • Celebrations. 
  • The hustle and bustle of holiday time.

In my former life, I knew I had hit my limit when I heard myself speaking and didn’t recognize the voice.  “Who is that speaking and what is she saying???”  I would ask myself. 

Another way my "still, small voice" got my attention was by getting sick.  Just as my guests were arriving OR on the plane headed out to spend time with loved ones.

It took many years of repeating this cycle to realize that centering and self-care are a daily requirement.  That feeling of being off balance was actually a signal for growth.  A signal from my soul letting me know that it was time for change.  Time for caring for myself daily rather than being forced to care for myself when I was ill.

Try these simple practices to bring you back to center this holiday season and always.

·         Clarity ~ Decide what YOU would love to experience this holiday season. 

·         Breath ~ Use a calming breath before transitioning from one obligation to the next. Pause. Breathe. Mantra.

·         Bubble of Peace ~ Imagine that you are completely surrounded and protected in the energy you choose.

Discover. Empower. Balance.

Shine Brightly,


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