Be Careful What You Wish For


Did you ever wish for something that you really wanted but thought that it would never come true?

You know.  It's that thing that you feel deep down in your core.  Something you ponder while drifting off to sleep at night.  If only, you think to yourself. 

Well, I did too!

For me it was that elusive relationship with my father. The one I had been craving since childhood. Due to circumstances beyond my control I spent over 2 decades wishing and wanting. It felt so far out of my reach.

And today, I am pinching myself. 

The latest and greatest is that my father is moving to Raleigh. In September. He wants to be near me. To know his grandchildren. To be a part of our lives.

And, my heart is filled to overflowing.

I never imagined that it would happen...that is until I did.  I imagined it with all of my heart and soul.

And, I'm here to tell you that miracles do happen. They are everywhere if we open our eyes. Sometimes they are big and sometimes they are very small but they do happen.

This particular miracle began with changing my mind and moving toward what I want rather than pushing away from what I don't. Deciding for rather than wishing for. 

  • Deciding what I wanted
  • Believing that it would happen
  • Taking action on my desires

With this in mind, I am holding a Vision Board Workshop later this month.  To help you get super clear about what you want.  To keep it up close and in your awareness.  So that you can begin to take the steps necessary to bring your miracles into your life.

How about you? Any miracles occurring in your life? Please reply to this email and let me know regardless of how small they seem?  It lights me up to hear about all the goodness in the world.

Wishing you and yours peace, love, joy and many miracles!

Shine Brightly,


Life by Design Vision Board Workshop

Saturday, September 29

10-4PM EST

Raleigh, NC

$75 (includes a delicious lunch from Sunflowers Cafe)