BE Her Now


There is nothing quite like living a vision driven life.  Creating a vision and BEcoming the woman you are envisioning.  Bearing witness to the metamorphosis within yourself.

It starts with a vision.  3 years from today.  Something that lights you up.  Has the YES! factor.  An absolute YES!  I would love this life.

And, then, there is the contrast.  The space.  The gap.  Between the life you would love to live and the life you are living today. 

It is natural.  The feeling of this gap.  The fear.  The uncertainty.  The unknown.  The “how the hell am I going to get from here to there” feeling.

That woman.  The woman you are envisioning 3 years from today.  She is already within you.  You are BEcoming her.

It’s not an arrival.  A place to get to.  It’s a BEcoming.  YOUR BEcoming.

And, in order to BEcome her, you need to BE HER NOW.

Let’s say that in your vision.  3 years from today.  You are a loving, caring, patient mom.  This is what you desire.  You want this more than anything.  BE HER NOW in your current circumstances.  Not waiting for things to change first.

If, in your vision 3 years from today, you are working in an amazing work environment where you are respected, fulfilled and challenged.  Then, you are BEING HER NOW in the workplace you are in today.

How about that radiant health and well-being in your 3 year vision?  You feel well-rested, vibrant and energetic NOW.

  • How would you hold yourself?
  • What kinds of conversations would you have?
  • How would it feel to be you?

BE HER NOW.  And you will find.  That when you are that loving, caring, patient mom or in a work environment where you are respected, fulfilled and challenged or experiencing radiant health and well-being, you already know what it feels like.  Because you had been rehearsing.  You created future memory.  Cells of recognition.

You had been BEING HER NOW.

Shine Brightly,


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