How Are You Feeling?


I spent most of my life wanting to feel good. Because…I didn’t. I felt awful.

About my circumstances.

About my life.

About myself.

I had little to no self awareness. I didn’t know that I had the power within me to change the way I was feeling.

And then I had kids. Wow! Having kids was like holding a magnifying glass over all that was “wrong” with my life. It was painful but it was the kick in the butt I needed to make some significant changes.

My kids were depending on me to dig in deep and BEcome the mom they deserved.

In the process I learned how to notice what I was noticing.

THE key to feeling good.

I learned how to check in and ask myself: How am I feeling? Am I feeling contraction or am I feeling expansion. 

A contractive feeling is the way fear, anger, frustration or the like feels.  For me, a contractive feeling almost feels like I want to protect myself.  Shoulders come in, I may cross my arms in a protective way.

An expansive feeling is the way joy, abundance or gratitude feels. For me, my heart feels open.  I feel expansion in my heart space.

If I am feeling expansive then I bask in the goodness.

If I am feeling contractive I ask myself this question: What thought am I having that is giving me this feeling? 

Maybe I am feeling the contraction of overwhelm and the thought I am having is “I have so much to do and so little time.” 

This is a great opportunity to change the thought.  To shift the thought from contraction to expansion.  The easiest way to shift from contraction to expansion is gratitude. 

Gratitude is the back door to abundance. 

Simply replace the contractive thought with something you are grateful for.  And, feel into it.  Feel the gratitude throughout your entire body.

You may even stand up taller and roll your shoulders up, back and down again.  Maybe even get into a power pose like Wonder Woman with your hands on your hips.  Take a deep, grateful breath.  Ahhh! 

How are you feeling?

Shine Brightly,


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Motherhood and the Lost Art of Having Fun

onefootup-tracynolinbeerman-fun (2).jpg

Have you ever felt like you have forgotten how to have fun? That you used to laugh, play and feel free?  Sometimes we get so caught up in our world as parents that we forget that we used to thrive in nonsense.  At least I did…  In fact, the thing that most attracted me to my husband was his uncanny ability to have fun in just about any situation.

So, instead of taking the spectator stance, as I so often see parents taking, my husband and I do our very best to allow our children to witness us having child-like fun as often as possible. 

And, yes, that often includes dancing, roller skating and bouncing with the kids at Defy Gravity.

We never miss an opportunity to bounce!  For $14 an hour we jump, laugh AND our kids get to see us as people rather than in our usual roles as parents.

Now, I am a bit more conservative on the trampoline than my husband is.  He enjoys flips into the cheese pit and swinging from the big swing but I have my own level of fun.

Yes, I play it safe despite my kids’ best efforts to get me to bounce off the wall.

Yes, I am breathless by the time I bounce off the mat.

Yes, there are many times when I am the only mom jumping.

And, Yes, sometimes I even pee a little.

But, I have a great time and most importantly, my kids see me having high energy fun. They experience me not as Mommy but as Tracy.  I must say, I am quite the pro jumper now and am seriously considering a gig with Cirque de Soleil…

Your kids are learning how to navigate life by watching you with their little eyes, ears and hearts.  I invite you to incorporate some high energy fun into your life this week and share your experience with a comment below.

“Look at me! Look at me! Look at me NOW! It is fun to have fun. But you have to know how.” - Dr. Seuss

Shine Brightly,


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That Thing Called Zing


As life moves forward I am certain of one thing.  That thing called zing.  You know what I’m talking about.  And, no, it is not an imaginary creature from a Dr Seuss book.

Zing is when a thought, an idea or an experience COMPLETELY resonates with you.  The Encarta Dictionary defines zing as a lively and exciting quality.  For me it sometimes feels like an electric buzz that moves throughout my body.  It’s that YES! Factor you’ve heard me talk about. 

I feel that thing called zing when I go downhill skiing, fly in a prop plane, dance freely or sing loudly.  I feel it when I go to listen to a band that I love or an exceptional musical like Beautiful.

I can hear it in someone’s voice when they are completely aligned with their vision.  I can actually feel the zing energy in a room full of people sharing their visions during a vision workshop.  Now, THAT is zing!

I now include zing in my daily life.  I dance, sing and hula hoop to my heart’s content.  Yes, even when it embarrasses my kids.  (Especially when it embarrasses my kids!)

Do you feel that thing called zing? Do you include opportunities to experience it in your daily life?

Try this:

  • make a habit of moving toward the laughter

  • turn the music up and sing really loudly in your car

  • do something off the wall - just because

It may feel awkward at first but stick with it. The more you experience that thing called zing, the more joy you will experience in your life.

Shine Brightly,


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3 Reasons to Laugh More


Have you laughed lately?  I mean a good, hearty belly laugh?

It is said that a child laughs nearly 300 times per day while the average adult laughs less than 20.  Whether this is accurate or not I’m not sure but I wouldn’t doubt it based on the hysterics I witness with my own children.

They laugh.  All day.  Even when they are trying not to in between big, fat, crocodile tears.  And, especially, when someone says BUTT (have you ever wondered how many times you say that word in a day?).

All jokes aside, research shows that laughter is the best medicine.  It has both short term and long term positive effects on stress, the leading cause of chronic health problems in the US.  In fact, Norman Cousins, author of Anatomy of an Illness, experimented with laughter himself and claimed that 10 minutes of belly laughing gave him two hours of pain free sleep.

  • Laughing is a natural state changer.  Have you ever tried a frown while laughing?  Try it.  I bet it will make you laugh.

  • Laughing increases the intake of oxygen into the heart and lungs.  There is even a form of yoga called Laughter Yoga.  It’s a hoot!

  • Laughing brings us back to the present moment.  We can only laugh in the present.  And, this is good news because we only have NOW.

What is your favorite way to get a laugh in?  Watching a funny movie?  Reading a funny book?  Watching your cat try to make her way out of a paper bag?  Or, maybe it’s laughing for the sake of laughing. Please share with a comment below.

Shine Brightly,


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Shifting Your Vibe


Have you ever watched the energy shift as soon as someone walks into a room?  In my teaching days it became a daily practice to check my energy before walking in the door. It was a practice I had to cultivate.  If I happened to forget and bring my frenzied rush hour commute into the classroom, we were all doomed!


I am that powerful.

And so are you.

One year I had the good fortune of working with a child who taught me a clear lesson about energy.  About vibration. 

This child would literally climb the door frame if I wasn’t watching. Once I turned around to find him standing on the window ledge of our 3rd story classroom!  His “I need help controlling my body” energy affected us all.  I was affected by his amped up energy that would in turn amp up the energy of the whole classroom.  It was a trying time to say the least.

Despite the difficulty of the year, I learned about energy. About vibration.  I learned that I could help this child and his classmates by changing MY energy, by changing MY vibe.  I was better able to help him with his energy after I took care of my own.  It took practice (an ongoing practice) but it really served me, the children and ultimately my own family.

I'm still working on this...every day!

Shine Brightly,


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Bubble of Peace


Do you feel it?  The frenetic energy in the air.  As the holidays loom in the not so distant future.

  • For some of us it is the anticipation of all we need to do.
  • For some of us it is the anticipation of spending time with family.
  • For others it is the anticipation of spending the holidays without loved ones.

Wherever it comes from, it is sometimes difficult to discern what is ours and what we are feeling from the world around us.  And, it is during these times, that it is especially important to create sacred space for ourselves.  Creating space inside ourselves first and then extending outside into our environment.

A great daily practice is to create a protective bubble around yourself. 

Be Still. Focus on your breath.  Try this:

Bubble of Peace

  1. Place your hands at your side

  2. Imagine that with each inhale you are filling your lungs with love

  3. Imagine that with each exhale you are blowing up a bubble and filling it with peace

  4. On each exhale, raise your arms a little at a time until your bubble extends from finger tip to finger tip

  5. Imagine that you are completely surrounded and protected in your own little bubble of peace.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat as needed.

Fun. Flow. Freedom.

Shine Brightly,


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Rooms of Consciousness


It’s so interesting.

Noticing what you’re noticing. 

Feelings of expansion or contraction.

And then tracing the feeling back to a thought.

This became super clear to me last month while I was in LA.  Every 6 months I return for recurring Life Mastery training.  Every 6 months I have a different hotel room.  I had a striking realization that the last 4 hotel rooms in particular were a clear indication of the thoughts I was having.  The frequency I was transmitting.

Room #1

A lovely room with a balcony that overlooked the pool

*Feeling on top of my game!

Room #2

A beautiful SUITE with a wall of windows

*Thinking to myself as I walked past first class headed out to LA “I’m a first class flyer!”

Room #3

A room on the bottom floor of the hotel.  A dark room.  Without a balcony.  Overlooking the parking lot.

*Feeling fearful.  Feeling frustrated.  Feeling confused.

Room #4

A lovely room.  A newly updated room.  With a balcony overlooking the palm trees and the pool.

*Believing in myself.  In the power that breathes me.  Thinking “I’ve got this!”

It was such a stark realization that I have the power within me.  That the thoughts I am thinking absolutely create my reality.  That I get to choose in every moment.  I get to choose darkness or light.  Contraction or expansion. 

Note to self:  Choose Expansion!

Fun. Flow. Freedom.

Shine Brightly,


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Just as a pilot makes small shifts throughout a flight to adjust for wind, weather and obstacles, you too can shift your thinking throughout the day to adjust for circumstances that arise.  All it takes is a slight shift.  Even a one degree shift has the potential to completely change the trajectory of your life.

When you choose to shift your thinking you set the tone for what you will experience and attract.

If you start your day thinking “this is one of those days”, you will find examples of “one of those days”. Your hair dryer goes on the fritz.  You spill coffee on your white blouse.  You get stuck in traffic.

When you start the day thinking “This is the day of my amazing good fortune”.  Thank you Florence Scovel Shinn!  You will find examples of the abundance that is all around you.  You become aware of opportunities that you may not have noticed before.  It really is that simple.  You attract what you think.

Try these slight shifts when your mind starts going down the dark road of circumstance:

  • What if this is what it looks like when it’s all working out?
  • I AM shifting into joy.  I AM shifting into health.  I AM shifting into knowing.
  • Up Until Now...
  • Every day and in every way I AM getting better and better.

Discover. Empower. Balance.

Shine Brightly,


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