Going With the Flow of Life


Have you ever thought about why life seems to be easier for some and not for others?  I contemplated this question A LOT in my “former” life.  I related mostly with the latter.  I would look at the lives of others and wonder “Hey, what do they have that I don’t?”

It took me many years of paddling upstream to realize that I have everything I need to go with the flow.  I just wasn’t allowing it.  And, let me tell you, if you are not allowing yourself to go with the flow you will get tired.  You will get discouraged.  You will feel as if everyone else has the keys to the kingdom except you.  Well, that’s how I used to feel anyway…   

I had the opportunity, thanks to a beautifully generous friend, to learn how to paddle board recently.  The surface of the lake was smooth as silk for most of the day and it was easy to position myself on the board and even do a downward facing dog (and plank to show off!). 

It took some getting used to but with my friend’s guidance, I was able to maneuver easily and quickly learned that when I allowed myself to go with the flow (with the wind and the current) it was easy to cross the lake.  And, when I turned in the other direction it was as if I was paddling upstream.  It became more difficult and took longer for me to get where I wanted to go.

This is how life can be.  This is the difference between natural and normal.  Natural is going with the flow.

  •  The flow of your own life. 

  • The flow of your own desires. 

  • The flow of what lights you up.

Normal is the way we are trained to think.  And, it is usually with a lack mind set. We are trained to think that life is challenging and difficult. We are trained to think that it must be a certain way.

Because of social conditioning, we often choose the hard way, the way of lack, the way of struggle, paddling upstream instead of going with the flow and riding the current of abundance that is right there at our fingertips. 

We will experience challenges at times. This is a given in life in this human form.

We will have to work hard at times. This is how we reach our goals.

In those in between times, I invite you to begin aligning yourself with the flow of your own life.

  • Decide for a vision of a life that lights you up

  • Believe that you will BEcome the woman in your vision

  • Take action in the direction of your vision

Shine Brightly,


P.S. Do you need help going with the flow? I’ve created a complimentary series of beautifully simple daily affirmations to remind you of who you are, all that you are capable of and just how much you rock.


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Photo Credit: Matt Zhou on Unsplash