New Year New Vision Board

The days of creating New Year’s Resolutions are over for me.  I spent so many years creating them and then being completely disappointed in my failure to follow through with what I thought I wanted.

Now, I create a yearly Vision Board.

My Vision Board is a daily reminder of my intentions.  A visual reminder of what I truly desire in my life.    It is less about things and more about creation.  What I want to create for myself and my family.

I still include things on my board.  But, now, they are more of a marker rather than filling a hole as they were in the past.  An indication that I have arrived.

They remind me:

  • That I am on the right track.
  • That I am living my life by choice.
  • That I am a powerful force in my own life.

A true Vision Board is not a craft project.  It’s not a cut and paste activity although I’ve seen some delightful Vision Board creations.  Some true works of art.

It’s much, much more.  A Vision Board, created with inner inquiry and intention, is a powerful tool in creating what we truly desire.  It’s a decision to live life by design rather than by the default mode we may have been used to Up Until Now.

Good News!  I am holding a Vision Board Workshop in Raleigh, on January 27, 2018!  Join us for a full day immersion including a mini workshop, coaching, inner inquiry and sharing with 11 other powerful creators in a room full of creative energy.  Sign up now as there are only 12 seats and they will fill up fast.

Here’s to 2018!  The best year of your life!

*I placed red hearts on the images that have come into being.  You should see the rest of the board!  (I'll bring it to the workshop)

Fun. Flow. Freedom.

Shine Brightly,


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