Your Inner Wonder Woman


Deep inside each woman lays an inner wonder woman. 

  • She may be active daily.
  • She may be lying dormant.
  • She may come out only on special occasions.

In some, it may be decades.  In some, she may never be seen.

Regardless, she is always there. 

  • She is strong.
  • She is patient.
  • She is bold.
  • She is smart.
  • She is kind.
  • She is courageous.
  • She knows what to do.

She is dependable as the rising sun.  Solid as a rock.

She waits in the wings.  Sending inner messages of love and power.  Waiting for an invitation to come forth.  It is up to you and I to set her free.

She is you.  She is me.  She is all of our sisters united as one.

To access your inner wonder woman, try this:

Stand tall with feet hip distance apart

Roll your shoulders back

Place your hands on your hips and say “I’ve got this!”

*Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Fun. Flow. Freedom.

Shine Brightly,


*Do you need help finding your inner wonder woman?  Start here with this complimentary series of Life By Design Daily Affirmations. These affirmations are designed with care to remind you of who you are, what you are capable of and how much you rock.  (The first one is the most important.)  Enjoy!

Photo Credit:  Pietra Schwarzler on Unsplash