Fall or Fail


Have you ever watched a baby learn to walk?  I mean really watch the determination and will it takes to learn to get up on two feet and walk? 

The getting up.  The falling down.  The getting up.  The falling down.  Not many babies get up and walk the first time they try.

We all had that determination at one time.  Somehow we have forgotten that it takes practice to get better at anything.  That the more we try the better chance we have of getting up on two feet.

Failure is actually a perception.  We can choose to see failure as simply information, an outcome or a result of an action we took.  We can choose to see ourselves falling instead of failing.  When we fall, we dust ourselves off and get back up.  We learn from the experience and use what we learned to do it differently next time.

Share a time you turned a fail into a fall and what you learned from the experience with a comment below.

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Tracy ~ A Vision Board Story

_mg_3250-640x427 In late 2008 I created a different kind of Vision Board.  It was a very specific board created for a very specific outcome.  It was all about the birth of my 2nd child, the one I was carrying at the time.  I filled the board with pictures of all that I desired the second time around.  Sleeping babies and mothers, happy babies and mothers, healthy babies and mothers, and more importantly, positive affirmations and messages about the natural birth I so desired. I even included the name of the doctor, my doulas and the desired due date.

I created this board to heal from my first birth.  The birth of my son, my first born, shook me to the core.  Read about his Grand Entrance here.

I was a prime candidate, they said, for uterine rupture if I attempted a natural birth.  The doctors, the data, the caring friends and family, all urged me to schedule another c-section.  I took all of these facts and listened to the Truth inside of me.  Despite my fear, I did it anyway.  I listened to the still, small voice inside of me, created a Vision Board and studied it intently for months.  Morning, noon and night until the day came - January 14, 2009.

My baby girl was born naturally, drug free, in 4 hours from first contraction to birth.  It was beautiful, healing and empowering.  I owe it all to my Vision Board, my doulas and my husband who believed I could.  xo

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