Teach Your Kids How to Live a Great Life

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We live in a spiral Universe and in this Universe there is an ever upward spiral of becoming.  It is called life.  Life itself is seeking a fuller, freer, more expansive expression through all living beings.  Just look outside in the spring time.  The grass, the trees, the flowers, the birds.  Life is continually seeking more life.  A blade of grass will press through cement seeking the light. That same energy is in you.

You will hear this through your longings and discontent.  The still, small voice deep inside of you sends you messages of the need for growth.  Not to worry.  Growth is a natural part of life.  It absolutely does not mean that you are a negative person because you want more.  Life wants more life.  It wants more through you. 

You don’t have to have a lot of pain in your life to want things to be better.  In fact, good is the enemy of great.  Life wants you to have a great life.  And, the great news is, you can show your kids how to have a great life too!

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