ABCs and Motherhood


We live in a noisy world.  We are blasted in every waking hour with messages, opinions and the demands of others.  And then there is parenting…

Just the other day I ordered groceries from the grocery store (I love the ease of ordering only what I need and having it delivered to my door – brilliant!).  An hour or so before my groceries were to be delivered, a young woman from the store called me 3 times within 30 minutes (I was on a coaching call).  Each time a little more agitated that I hadn’t called her back yet. 

We live in an age of immediate gratification.  We are expected to be available in a moment’s notice.  A text comes in and we’re expected to answer it immediately.  It can truly be exhausting if we allow ourselves to be continually seduced by the requests and messages of others.

This is why mental self-care is crucial for our health and well-being.  I love the acronym ABC – Always Be Connected (to your higher self).  It’s sort of like connecting to Wi-Fi. 

You will know you are connected when you experience the observer self.  The part of you that notices that you are having thoughts.  The part of you that notices your body and your surroundings.

Ask yourself:  AM I Connected?

Breathe into this moment

Connect with your higher self

Shine Brightly,


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Opening the Door to Possibility


What if you had a magic wand and all of your dreams came true…today?  Would you be ready?  

The ideal relationship

The ideal job opportunity

The ideal home

What if they were already here?  Just waiting for you. Would you be ready to open the door and let them in?

Many of us, when we even dare to dream, forget this very important piece.  In order to get what we want in life, we have to make the space for it.  We have to make it welcome in our lives.

A friend’s sister won the lottery many years ago.  Overnight, she became a millionaire.  Within a few short years she lost it all and ended up in a worse financial situation than she was before she won.  She wasn’t ready. 

Dreaming the ideal home doesn’t get you the keys.  It requires action.

What would you love?

What steps need to be taken?

What beliefs will you need to adopt to BEcome the woman living in the ideal home?

Get ready.  Open the door to possibility. 

Shine Brightly,


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Motherhood and the Lost Art of Having Fun

onefootup-tracynolinbeerman-fun (2).jpg

Have you ever felt like you have forgotten how to have fun? That you used to laugh, play and feel free?  Sometimes we get so caught up in our world as parents that we forget that we used to thrive in nonsense.  At least I did…  In fact, the thing that most attracted me to my husband was his uncanny ability to have fun in just about any situation.

So, instead of taking the spectator stance, as I so often see parents taking, my husband and I do our very best to allow our children to witness us having child-like fun as often as possible. 

And, yes, that often includes dancing, roller skating and bouncing with the kids at Defy Gravity.

We never miss an opportunity to bounce!  For $14 an hour we jump, laugh AND our kids get to see us as people rather than in our usual roles as parents.

Now, I am a bit more conservative on the trampoline than my husband is.  He enjoys flips into the cheese pit and swinging from the big swing but I have my own level of fun.

Yes, I play it safe despite my kids’ best efforts to get me to bounce off the wall.

Yes, I am breathless by the time I bounce off the mat.

Yes, there are many times when I am the only mom jumping.

And, Yes, sometimes I even pee a little.

But, I have a great time and most importantly, my kids see me having high energy fun. They experience me not as Mommy but as Tracy.  I must say, I am quite the pro jumper now and am seriously considering a gig with Cirque de Soleil…

Your kids are learning how to navigate life by watching you with their little eyes, ears and hearts.  I invite you to incorporate some high energy fun into your life this week and share your experience with a comment below.

“Look at me! Look at me! Look at me NOW! It is fun to have fun. But you have to know how.” - Dr. Seuss

Shine Brightly,


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Raising Grateful Kids


One night my 9 year old daughter was having a difficult time.  It had been a full week and we recently had to have a few difficult conversations with our children about death. 

My daughter, who has a vivid imagination, did NOT want to sleep in her bed.  She was not having any part of it.  By 10PM I realized that she was serious! 

So, I got her settled into my bed and took out my gratitude journal for me and my bedside notebook for her.  Her eyes lit up at the sight of the notebook as she is an artist in the making and draws any chance she can get.  I told her that instead of our nightly “grateful prayer”, as we call it, we were going to write in our gratitude journals to help us change our thoughts.

I was delighted with the experience for both of us and for the learning that took place that night.  She now has her own gratitude journal.  A simple solution with a powerful outcome. 

Gratitude is a powerful spiritual practice and an easy one to pass on to kids. Here are 3 reasons you and your child may want to start a gratitude practice.

  • Gratitude connects us to the source of abundance and creativity. Since our thoughts are prayers, gratitude is a great way to align with the source of all that is. That place of pure love.

  • Gratitude aligns us with the vibration (or vibe) of abundance. Seriously, gratitude has an energy about it. It vibrates at the same energetic frequency as joy and abundance leaving us feeling expansive while sadness, anger and frustration tend to leave us feeling constriction.

  • Gratitude increases our sense or feeling of deserving. It feels good to know that we have something to be grateful for.

Do you have a gratitude practice?  Do your kids? Please share it in the comments below.  Yours may just be the golden nugget that changes another mom’s life.

Shine Brightly,


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