The Gift of BEing an Empowered Mom


You are worthy of every good thing life has to offer and it is essential that you believe it in order to BEcome the woman you are envisioning. 

You have been chosen to be in this body at this moment in history and you don't have to be or do or acquire anything to be more deserving than you are right now.  You are as unique as your thumbprint and there has never been and never will be anyone exactly like you. 

The world is waiting for you to shine your light with your unique combination of values, passions, gifts, skills, talents, characteristics and experience.

You may be asking yourself.  Well, why should I take the time to generate self-worth?  It sounds like a whole lot of work. 

Here is why. 

The greatest gift you can give your children and the world is to be an example of a powerful woman.  Not power over something or someone but personal power.  Recognizing and embracing the power within you. 

To create a new legacy of modeling self-love and self-acceptance for your children and everyone you encounter. 

Loving others (our children especially) more than ourselves is toxic and we don’t want to pass that along.  The world needs more examples of people who love themselves.  You are here to be that example. 

Remember this: 

You have a history but you are not your history. 

You have a story but you are not your story. 

You have a body but you are not your body. 

You are much much more.

And, if you need to borrow my belief in you for now, please feel free.

Shine Brightly,


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Photo by: Eunice De Guzman on Unsplash