Vision Share

Wednesday, November 1, 2017
Raleigh, NC

During this fun, casual, interactive evening of Visioneering we'll design, journal and share our visions of the women we are becoming. This is a monthly series of gatherings designed to discover, design and bring forth a vision of a life we would love to live.
All are welcome whether you are a new Visioneer or a veteran.  Bring a friend.



Peace of Mind Formula: 3 Secrets for Taming Feelings of Overwhelm (Webinar)

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Overwhelm.  We’ve all experienced it.  Sometimes we are able to move through it and jump right back in.  Other times we feel as if we are sinking.  As if we just can’t catch a breath.  During this online workshop we will explore the concept of overwhelm, the reasons we experience it and the antidote for it.  You will come away with new tools for re-framing overwhelm.


“My staff and I had the opportunity to participate in a lunch-time retreat with Tracy. Her warmth and optimism were contagious. Tracy’s message of self-compassion and strategies for adopting positive self-talk to set and achieve goals left us feeling refreshed and reinvigorated.” 

Jennifer Weiss, Executive Director      The Hope Center at Pullen